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The Strongest Most Versatile Log Trailers
Battle Wagon Trailers have deep roots in the forest products industry. Founded in 1991 by Burnett’s Welding owner, Steve Burnett, in Pekin, Indiana, Battle Wagon Trailers quickly earned a reputation throughout the Midwest as “the log trailer” to pull. Every Battle Wagon Trailer from the very first one to today’s latest designs are constructed only from the finest materials and built strong to meet the demands of the logging and lumber industry.

Flexibility and durability are the hallmarks of Battle Wagon’s complete line of log trailers. The number of Battle Wagon trailers still hauling logs, lumber products and equipment every day proves those extremely high quality standards.

Battle Wagon Trailers
In the fall of 2012, JR Buchan of Decatur, Indiana purchased Battle Wagon Trailers and moved production to Fort Wayne, Indiana with the first new trailer leaving the assembly line in the spring of 2013. That was no mistake. The Buchan’s had purchased their first Battle Wagon drop frame trailer in 1999, so they knew the quality, flexibility and durability built into every Battle Wagon Trailer had been a large part of the company’s successful growth to a six truck fleet. The family credits the ability to haul logs, lumber and equipment on a single trailer, which had less downtime as one of the most important reasons for their success in a very competitive timber market.

JR Buchan is no stranger to the forest industry. He grew up on the log yard of the family sawmill and logging operation in northeast Indiana, Buchan Sawmill, Inc and Buchan Logging, Inc. JR began his career dragging slabs before he was big enough to carry them. Working in every job in the green mill and in the logging operation, where he is still active today as a timber buyer, log grader, equipment operator and yes, he is still personally pulling a Battle Wagon Trailer to every job site.

The Buchan family is proud of their strong forest industry and agricultural heritage. They take great pride in producing quality hardwood lumber while practicing proper timber management on every logging job. In addition to the logging and sawmill businesses the family is also operates a large row crop farming operation and grain elevator, so this family knows the value of quality equipment.

Battle Wagon Trailers
Put a Battle Wagon Trailer behind your Log Hauler and watch your costs go down and your profits go up.