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The Strongest Most Versatile Log Trailers
Battle Wagon Trailers 18in Drop Beaver Tail Deck
The BattleWagon Beaver Tail Drop Deck Model Allows you to Haul Equipment to the Woods, Logs to the Mill & Lumber to Market. Perfect for All Sizes of Logging & Sawmill Operation Haul It ALL on THE SAME TRAILER! • Great for those days when it’s to wet to haul or back Hauls are Available! • Owner Operators Will Profit From A Single Trailer Doing Triple Duty • Less Time, Fuel & Miles Wasted Dragging an Empty Log Trailer Around! Many Standard Models to Fit YOUR Operation • Straight Deck 12 Bolster Log & Lumber Trailer • 12” Drop Deck 12 Bolster Log & Lumber Trailer • 18” Drop Deck w/Beaver Tail • Pup Trailers • Optional Self-Loading Trailers with NEW SERCO Knuckleboom Loaders